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Specialty Plates

Arizona Has an Impressive Collection of Specialty Plates. How Does a Specialty Plate Come to Fruition? Specialty plates were established by state law in 1989 and legislative approval is required to create a plate. Most people are surprised to learn ADOT’s Motor...

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Check Vehicle’s History Before Buying

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division cautions consumers to beware of potential fraud when buying a car.
“The best defense is to do your research,” says Ralene Whitmer, MVD Title and Registration Specialist. “This is especially true for people buying vehicles from individuals.

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In January of 1998, Ken Foote created FooteWork Auto License and Title Service. Today, FooteWork, Northern Arizona’s first authorized third party MVD, is celebrating 20 years in business, operating four MVD offices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood and Williams, AZ. and employing over 30 professionals. 

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Our National Interstate Highway System

Our ability to get on an Interstate Highway and drive across the country is something we take for granted, but it is one of the most important public work achievements in the history of the U.S. The National Interstate and Defense Highway Act was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on June 26, 1956.

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Distracted Driving Awareness Week

We all know it’s not a good idea to text and drive. Or fiddle with a navigation system for too long or doing anything else from the driver’s seat that takes away our attention from driving. 

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Safe Phone Zones in Arizona from ADOT and GEICO

As drivers take to Arizona’s highways over the holidays, Arizona Department of Transportation rest area Safe Phone Zones sponsored by GEICO encourage motorists to pull off the road before using smartphones for talking, texting and more.

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It’s Important to File a Sold Notice When Selling a Car

Did you know that if you sell a vehicle you are liable for it until the new owner transfers ownership at a MVD or Third Party Provider? 

Imagine this: You sold, donated or traded in your vehicle. The new owner promises you he/she will transfer the title into his/her name first thing in the morning, and you agreed.

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Shop with a Cop Fundraiser in Prescott Valley

Shop with a Cop is in its 20th year, pairing law enforcement Officers with children to give the kids opportunities to see Officers in non-threatening situations. This program fosters a positive relationship between the Officer and child, while also allowing the child to provide for and contribute to their family’s Christmas. The 20th Annual Shop with a Cop event will take place on Saturday December 16th, starting at The Prescott Valley Library.

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Official ‘ADOT Alerts’ Traffic App Aids Drivers

The official app of the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT Alerts is a free, must-have app for those who travel on Arizona’s highways. ADOT Alerts provides real-time information to travelers about unplanned, major events that are impacting traffic so informed decisions can be made to avoid lengthy delays or potentially dangerous situations.

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Public Invited to Comment on ADOT/Federal Highway Administration Agreement for Environmental Review Responsibility

The Arizona Department of Transportation, as part of a process to streamline environmental reviews for certain projects while fulfilling all federal requirements, has initiated the process to assume environmental authority and review responsibility required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 for many federally funded highway projects statewide.

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Salvaged Cars from Natural Disasters

After devastating back to back hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many water damaged cars will eventually make it to the used car market. With Hurricane Harvey, which brought the loss of 40,000 homes, survivors of the storm now also must deal with the loss of many thousands...

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Oktoberfest in Prescott 2017

Oktoberfest is the pairing of fall and great brews, many from local breweries in Arizona. This year's 2017 Prescott Oktoberfest is not in October at all because no one wants to wait any longer! It's Saturday, September 23rd  from 12pm-6pm at Mile High Middle...

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Visit Williams Arizona, Gateway to the Grand Canyon!

Located on the famous Route 66, the town of Williams, Arizona has a history that is steeped in the traditions of the old West, and still maintains its rustic charm. Williams, Arizona, is located in the heart of the Kaibab National Forest at an elevation of 6,770 feet and is located in Coconino County.

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Selling or Buying a Vehicle Privately

If you are selling or buying a vehicle privately, an Authorized Third Party MVD office is a great place to conduct the transaction and get the necessary paperwork done at the same time!

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MVD and Feds Partner to Make E-Verify More Secure

The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that makes it possible for DHS to verify the validity of driver’s license and ID cards against the MVD database.

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