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ARIZONA, May 06, 2015 – The availability of energy-efficient license plates for owners of qualified vehicles hasadot ended as the maximum number of plate applications has been reached, the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division announced today.

In May 2014, 1,800 energy-efficient license plates became available as previous owners of the plates turned them in due to moving out of state, selling their qualifying vehicle or other reasons.

Plates were available on a first-come, first-served basis and were exclusively distributed throughenergy efficient vehicle license plates

The energy-efficient plate program was established by the federal government. The program, which offers a maximum of 10,000 license plates in Arizona, allows owners of qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to receive a plate and use the HOV lane during rush hours regardless of the number of passengers.

While the energy-efficient plate program is suspended until further notice, ADOT will continue to update the list of eligible vehicles pending resumption of the program. Also, those vehicle owners who already have an energy-efficient plate can still transfer the plate to another currently qualifying vehicle they own while the program is suspended.

For more information about the program, including a list of qualifying plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, please visit

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