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Prescott Petes, A Rootin’ Shootin’ good ole time!

Skin That Smoke-Wagon and See What Happens Cowboy! Prescott Pete’s is a state-of-the art digital animatronic shooting gallery in a 24-foot mobile trailer, and the newest customer of FooteWork Auto License and Title Service. Custom designed as an imaginary 1890’s saloon in Prescott, it respectfully but playfully represents the historic Old West heritage of Prescott and all of Arizona. Our saloon features Buckey O’Neill and Virgil Earp (both residents of Prescott in 1895) encouraging players to show them “what they’ve got.” Highly interactive, engaging, safe and fun for gunslingers of all ages. Completely safe replica guns fire infrared signals at targets. Animatronic characters heckle each other and the players.

prescott petes shooting gallery

Prescott Pete’s Shooting Gallery

Prescott Pete’s features rotating target shows produce a variety of responses each time a target is hit. Surprise pop-up characters challenge players. The “Quick Shot Challenge” rewards high scorers with redeemable coupons at our sponsor businesses.

We’re targeting events around Prescott and Arizona and are working on our calendar for 2016. We have a permit to set up at Sam Hill’s Cigar Shop where we’ll be coinciding with town square events and we’re working on things like the 4th of July, Pioneer Days etc. Our first real event is at the Parada Del Sol in Scottsdale on February 13th and we’re also hoping to get into the Arizona State Fair.

So, next time you want to practice your shot, call Prescott Pete’s for your next party or event!! Now, slap some bacon on that biscuit, we are burning daylight cowboys!

For more info, go to: or call: 928-899-9410

FooteWork assisted Prescott Petes with the titling and registration of both the Prescott Pete truck and trailer and helping Prescott Pete’s with information related to becoming a DOT motor carrier, navigating the commercial vehicle laws. FooteWork Auto Title and License Service is your faster, friendlier motor vehicle service provider!

prescott petes

Images courtesy of Prescott Pete’s !


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