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O-M-G FUN!rv rental prescott

If you’ve haven’t taken a road trip in an RV rental yet, let FooteWork point you in the direction of O-M-G FUN. They are called Southwest RV Adventures and when you land on their website, you instantly start feelin’ the vibe – “Yes, this is going to be “bitchin”, yes, “bitchin” “- that phrase from the 70’s will swell from that 40s-60s something muffin top of a six pack you once had, now called a one pack, and give you goose bumps of anticipation and excitement. Its time to “chillax”, explore, create memories, and of course, take multiple pee breaks, but without stopping!

A Concierge Service

Better yet is that they’ll deliver your memory making fun wagon to your door, fully stocked and ready to go with sheets, dishes and the whole sha-bang! There are no hidden fees and no surprise costs. If you have rented a recreational vehicle before, you know what we are talkin’ about. Doesn’t matter how long you run the generator or satellite TV. It’s yours, for one price.. Check out their rates compared to the other guys.  Now, that’s what we are talkin’ about! Door to door service delivering memories and fun with no hidden fees or extra costs.

rv rental prescott

No stopping necessary! You’re in an RV remember!

Toilet, shower, running water, refrigerator, bed, kitchen, air conditioning and heating INCLUDED! Bring the dogs, kids, cats (just kidding), mother-in-laws (totally kidding) your bucket hat for the UVs and your bucket list for your Southwest RV Adventures!! BRING IT!

Golf Carts, Kayaks, Bikes and more!

There’s more awesome stuff! The “Office of Fun Management” at Southwest RV Adventures of Prescott isn’t just about RV rentals! You can also hook yourself up with golf carts, kayaks, bicycles, and “fun wagon” trailers to take all your fun stuff with you! Finally, a place that has put it all together for your next rv rental adventure!

So, whether you’re retired or just want to play “hookie”, contact the Office of Fun Management at Southwest RV Adventures of Prescott and tell them FooteWork sent you!

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