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The Vehicle Recap Report by FooteWork Auto License and Title Service will help you deduct your MVD vehicle registration costs on your next tax return. Here’s how…

Did you know some of the MVD costs for registering your vehicle are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. That means, some of the costs for vehicles you drive for personal or business use can be deducted on your income tax returns – saving you money. This is a good thing!

FooteWork Auto License and Title Service offers a Vehicle Recap report which individuals and businesses can provide to their accountant to include in their yearly Arizona deductions. The Vehicle Recap report will list all vehicles that were registered the previous year. Next to each vehicle in the report, there will be a list of fees that are eligible for deduction, as they apply to your vehicle. These fees may include:

  • VLT (vehicle license tax)
  • Special Plate fees
  • Commercial Registration Fees
  • Motor Carrier Fees
  • Weight Fees
Drivers License FooteWork Prescott Arizona

FooteWork’s Vehicle Recap Report: Keys to saving money on your next tax return!

FooteWork has two tiers of convenience fee pricing for the report:

  1. Individuals (Retail) $15.00
  2. Companies (Commercial) $25.00*
    *Encompasses all vehicles registered the previous year.

Where’s the Benefit for Individuals

For those who itemize on the Arizona tax return, many don’t even know of this tax benefit. This report can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Simply call any of the FooteWork offices to get this done and we can email you the report! And, our convenience fee is tax deductible too!

Benefits for Commercial Fleet and Business Owners

This could be a substantial savings for those with multiple commercial fleet vehicles. And, by having FooteWork help you with this task, you are also saving precious time! Even better, you don’t have to come into our offices! All of the process can be handled quickly and efficiently over the phone or by email.

Additionally, with the Vehicle Recap Report, we may be able to make further assessments of your vehicles to determine if there are other areas where we can save you money and time.

What you Need to Get Your Vehicle Recap Report

  1. Have your Customer/Driver License Number
    (Businesses have an assigned MVD number that FooteWork will use for your report.)
  2. Have your Date of Birth (Individuals)
  3. Have your Mailing ZIP code (Companies)
  4. Contact FooteWork Auto License and Title Service and let’s start saving you time and money!

Sample Vehicle Recap Report Form

MVD Vehicle Recap Report

MVD Prescott AZ


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