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Imagine having a spa at your disposal anytime you wanted! Imagine belonging to an exclusive club where the members are only who you want, and when you want them. Now imagine having just that in your very own backyard. Your own personal hot tub or sauna all set up to meet your every desire.

Having a hot tub or sauna gives you a therapeutic experience designed all for you and Arizona Hot Tub Company is just the place to go to get what you want! Arizona Hot Tub Company services Northern Arizona with quality brand spa and saunas including Hot Spring Spas, Bullfrog Spas, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Freeflow Spas, MAAX Powerpools, and Finnleo Suanas. All provide the ultimate relaxation experience with hydrotherapy systems.

Benefits of Arizona Hot Tubs

Imagine relaxing in your very own hot tub and watching birds flit in the trees. Imagine watching snowflakes float softly to the ground while floating in a cocoon of hot water. Imagine having fun conversation with your friends and family. Now imagine doing all this in a hot tub of your very own.

hot tub prescott az
Hot Tubs are just about one of the most relaxing ways to spend time, not only do they provide a nice welcoming place for you to unwind but they have many health benefits as well. Hot tubs deliver health benefits including increased circulation from the heat, stress reduction on joints through buoyancy, and tension release from massaging jets.

Sooth away stress and tension, reduce sore muscles, and spend quality relaxing time with family and friends. Unplug from technology for a while and enjoy watching what nature has to offer from the comfort of your very own hot tub. Unplug yourself and enjoy the outside.

Benefits of a Sauna

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Saunas are a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress, and just simply feel good. They offer many benefits including flushing toxins, cleansing the skin, and inducing deeper sleep. If you’ve had a rough week and are tired and sore, using a sauna can help relax your muscles, and soothe aches and pains in your muscles and joints. In addition you can burn calories, help fight illnesses, and improve your cardiovascular performance in using a sauna. One little room of steamy relaxation but so many benefits to you and your health. Not to mention the relaxing fun owning a sauna can bring to your life. Have meaningful conversations with loved ones, have invigorating chats with good friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time alone. You could do any of this all in your own sauna from Arizona Hot Tub Company.

Awesome Staff

With over 30 years of hot tub service and repair knowledge, Arizona Hot Tub Company can offer you an experienced, factory trained and courteous staff, just waiting to help you. The staff takes pride in putting their customers first with outstanding support and service.

The people at Arizona Hot Tub Company are always happy to assist you in finding the perfect hot tub or sauna to fit your unique needs, desires, and location.

Big Green Eggs & Spa!

Now imagine you’re relaxing in your hot tub, beautiful weather, a relaxing end to the day but what about dinner? Look to the right, there it is, a Big Green Egg grill or smoker and it has dinner cooking right inside. Ahhh…how nice to know that dinner is already in the works. Just a few more minutes in the relaxing bubbling water then to pull dinner off the grill and enjoy the rich taste of a freshly grilled meal.

Full Service Department Makes it Stress Free

Arizona Hot Tub Company certainly makes it easy to purchase a hot tub or sauna with no stress for you. Arizona Hot Tub Company is proud to say that they have a complete service department with: In-Stock parts of brands for whom they are an authorized dealer, they offer pre-delivery site inspection if needed, delivery and installation services, spa care advice, and all the parts, water care, and spa supplies you would need to properly care for your spa.


Moving Your Hot Tub is Easy

Moving is never an issue either. If you make a plan to change locations, be sure to take the relaxing benefits of your hot tub with you and use Arizona Hot Tub Company’s very own Relocation Services.


Your Local Hot Tub Specialist

When it comes to hot tubs, saunas, and big green eggs, Arizona Hot Tub Company is your local specialist. We learn everything there is to know about the technological aspects of the products we carry, as well as the very real and tangible benefits of using them. In fact, the staff of Arizona Hot Tub Comapny are not only looking to learn about the products, but they also believe in them… passionately. As they state proudly “We are hot tubbers, sauna bathers, and egg heads!”

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