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ADOT Recommends the Child ID, Available to ALL Ages, Protects Against Identity Theft, Assists the Amber Alert Process

    1. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) recommends Child IDs.
    2. An Arizona ID with photo allows Law Enforcement Agencies to rapidly distribute your child’s information and photograph in the event that a Amber Alert is issued.
    3. Up to 2,000 children are reported missing every day (ADOT).
    4. Protects your child against identity theft.
    5. It can make it easier for your child to travel, enroll in school or activities.
    6. The ID may expedite the process of getting a Drivers License in the future.
    7. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT): “The identification card is available to all ages (including infants)…
    8. Simply put, it is an addition tool to protect our children and provide peace of mind.
    9. And, it’s super easy to get at FooteWork, your Fast, Friendly identification services provider.

Where You Can Get an ID For Your Child in Arizona

FooteWork Auto License and Title Service is an ADOT authorized provider of Arizona Drivers Licenses and State Identification cards (IDs). FooteWork’s Prescott and Prescott Valley offices offer Child IDs.  For more info, see below:


Prescott Valley: 928-759-8575


Prescott: 928-771-9015

Contact FooteWork and Be Prepared, Not Scared.

Identification Necessary to Obtain a Child ID

Check our our guide and matrix to help you with obtaining an ID at “Identification Required to Apply for an Arizona ID or Driver’s License”.

    PRIMARY FORMS Birth Certificate Birth Certificate
US Passport US Passport
If primary does not have Permanent Resident Alien Card Permanent Resident Alien Card
a photo, must have Foreign Passport with Foreign Passport with
1 primary & 2 secondary.              US Visa              US Visa
             I-94 or I-571              I-94 or I-571
Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood US Military DD 214
US Military ID (active, retired, reserve)
Released Offender ID Card
Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood
Employment Authorization Card
SECONDARY FORMS Social Security Card Social Security Card
Parent’s Driver License Or ID Card Bank / Credit Card
Military Dependent ID Card Out of State Driver License or ID Card
Medical ID Card US Dept of Veterans Affairs ID Card
School ID Card W-2 Form
Concealed Weapons Permit
Court Decrees

ADOTs Video Recommending IDs for Children


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