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Why go to FooteWork Auto License and Title Service for your MVD written driver’s test?

I. No Time Limits at FooteWork!

  • The MVD field office’s test is on a timed, electronic platform which cuts you off after a predetermined time.
  • FooteWork’s test in not timed, you can take as long as you want!

II. Feel Free to Change Your Answers at FooteWork before you finish!

  • On the MVD field office’s drivers license written exam, you can’t go back and change your answers.
  • FooteWork’s drivers license test allows you to go back and change previously answered questions.
az mvd drivers test prescott footework

Take your AZ MVD drivers test at FooteWork!

III.  Higher Pass Rates at FooteWork!

  • The MVD field offices reports an average pass rate of 35%-40% on its written drivers test.
  • FooteWork has a pass rate of 60%!

IV. FooteWork Educates You, Creating Higher Pass Rates and Better Drivers!

  • The MVD field offices won’t take time to explain the traffic diagrams listed on the test.
  • FooteWork sits down with you, ahead of time and after, to explain some of the confusing questions on the written drivers’ test. FooteWork does a debrief if someone fails to ensure they know what was missed, and explain the question(s) on the written drivers test to make sure they know for the next time. Even when you pass, we’ll be happy to cover any questions you may have missed. This makes for a more knowledgeable drivers, creating safer drivers on the road.
    MVD Prescott driving test

    FooteWork helps explain the written MVD driving test.

V. FooteWork Customer Testimonials Like This!

“Judy and I had some notary work to get done and the notary noted Judy’s driver license had expired. She got really frustrated expecting the MVD hassle. I didn’t say anything and just drove her to Footework on Grove. She was back in the car in 15 minutes with her new license….one happy lady!! The service and honest concern for helping her was obvious. You should be real proud of your staff and how well they represent your claims of great service. Well done, my friend!”
– Chuck Fulton, FooteWork Customer, 2016

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