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Local MVD Offices Working with ADOT to Improve Wait Times

MVD Driving test footework

FooteWork of Prescott, AZ will be issuing drivers licenses in June 2015. Photo and header courtesy of DollarPhotoClub

Prescott, Arizona, April 20, 2015 – On April 15, 2015, long wait times at Arizona’s MVD offices were highlighted in a report by the Arizona Republic. This report stems from remarks of the State Auditor General who after conducting blind audits through Arizona, said that the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) should improve customer service and decrease wait times. Adding to these long wait times in the very near future at the state’s MVD offices, is a law on the horizon permitting Arizona residents to acquire new drivers licenses that meet the updated Federal air-travel security requirements. The new Federal air-travel security requirements go into effect in 2016, meaning any person who has not updated to a new drivers license meeting the Federal air-travel security requirements will have to also be in possession of a current passport in order to board an aircraft.

Drivers License FooteWork Prescott Arizona

FooteWork provides comprehensive motor vehicle services in Northern Arizona. . Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.

To meet demands, Northern Arizona’s 1st Authorized Third Party (ATP) motor vehicle services provider, FooteWork Auto License & Title Service (, will be issuing drivers licenses this June, 2015. FooteWork, with offices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, and Williams, Arizona is a founding member of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Providers Association (MVPA) which is comprised of private, MVD third party service companies, providing the same functions as the state’s MVD offices. The MVPA met with the Assistant Director of Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division, Mr. Eric Jorgansen. It is Jorgansen’s goal to expand the state’s relationship with these private motor vehicle services providers throughout Arizona to support the goal of “no lines at the MVD”.

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Faster, Friendlier, FooteWork

“FooteWork is proud to be an authorized ADOT motor vehicle services provider to Northern Arizona. We are especially excited about launching our newest motor vehicle service, drivers licenses, in June 2015. Working with the state’s MVD Assistant Director Jorgansen is evidence that private-public sector relationships can work to improve the services provided to the residents of our state. We were impressed with Assistant Director Jorgansen’s proactive thinking and progressive thoughts on how to improve the experience of our state’s customers. Our mission at FooteWork is to provide our customers first class service while also assisting the State in improving the wait times at the public MVD offices. ” says Ken Foote, Owner, FooteWork.


FooteWork is a founding member of the AZ MVD Association.

Privatized motor vehicle service providers (ATPs) were authorized in 1993 as Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division recognized the need for more offices due to a growing demand. Now, there are 103 privatized, third party motor vehicle offices in Arizona. Wait times at these private motor vehicle services companies, on average, is approximately 15 minutes.

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