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Two Forms of Identification

In order for anyone, a minor or an adult, to obtain any type of identification from the AZ MVD for the FIRST TIME, the person would have to present at least 2 forms of identification. If the applicant has had an AZ ID after 1994, then no ID is necessary. One form must be a primary, usually a birth certificate, passport or active or retired military ID, these forms contain the legal name and birth date of the individual. The 2nd or 3rd form is considered a secondary. The secondary is usually a social security card, bank card, medical card, pretty much most anything else found in a standard wallet with the individuals name printed. All documents must contain the same name unless accompanied by a court document, marriage certificate or divorce decree. Below I have put together a quick matrix that might help.

Note: For applicants bringing a birth certificate, your secondary must have a photo OR 2 secondary documents without a photo is necessary.

Social Security Card

The social security card should be for the party obtaining the identification (ID). So the social security card the parent brings should be the child’s. The parent would have to provide a Drivers License (DL) or ID card from AZ or documents below to obtain a state ID as well.

id required


Birth Certificate

A birth certificate must be issued by a US state, territory or possession. The birth certificate usually will be an original or certified copy issued by a vital records or health department division of that state, territory or possession of the US. Anything listed as an abstract, issued by a hospital or contains imprints of the baby’ hands or feet are not considered actual birth certificates. In addition all documents used to obtain a state identification must be originals or copies certified by the issuing agency.

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Below is a matrix of the necessary ID you’ll need:

    PRIMARY FORMS Birth Certificate Birth Certificate
US Passport US Passport
If primary does not have Permanent Resident Alien Card Permanent Resident Alien Card
a photo, must have Foreign Passport with Foreign Passport with
1 primary & 2 secondary.              US Visa              US Visa
             I-94 or I-571              I-94 or I-571
Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood US Military DD 214
US Military ID (active, retired, reserve)
Released Offender ID Card
Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood
Employment Authorization Card
SECONDARY FORMS Social Security Card Social Security Card
Parent’s Driver License Or ID Card Bank / Credit Card
Military Dependent ID Card Out of State Driver License or ID Card
Medical ID Card US Dept of Veterans Affairs ID Card
School ID Card W-2 Form
Concealed Weapons Permit
Court Decrees
* Birth Certificates must be issued from Vital Records as originals or certified copies.  Birth   Certificate abstracts or those issued by hospitals will not be accepted by Arizona MVD.
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