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A trip to the MVD—not nearly as bad as a root canal or being audited by the IRS—but still an unpleasant thought. Anticipating your visit to the MVD can cause visions of long lines and seemingly endless periods of waiting as you watch for your number to come up on the digital screen.  Oh!  If only there were another way!  But wait—there are other ways to get a new driver’s license, pay your registration fees, record a sold notice or other services that the MVD offers.

Here are some alternatives:

The U.S.Mail

Some vehicle related transactions can be done by mail.  An example is paying your yearly registration fee.  Allow enough time for transportation and processing before the deadline to not incur additional fees.

Using the Internet: Use Caution

Many are going online to obtain the services they need.  Doing their motor vehicle business on the internet seems like an efficient way to save time. However, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division wants to alert customers that there are fraudulent websites falsely offering motor vehicle services such as Arizona driver licenses, IDs, and vehicle titles and registration.These unauthorized websites that look like the real thing, but actually are trying to get you to pay for extra unnecessary services; or worse—to extract from you personal information that they can use for fraud or identity theft.

The fraudulent websites appear in searches with keywords such as MVD or DMV. Be aware that there is no “DMV” in Arizona.  Using a keyword search using “DMV”, or “MVD” can lead you to websites whose intent is to mislead or defraud you.  If you are in a hurry or otherwise distracted, you can fall into a trap before you realize what has happened.

Elderly people can be especially vulnerable to this kind of fraudulent activity, but even people who are experienced internet users can be fooled. A customer from Pennsylvania relates the following example:  “ I even know to look out for these (websites), but it still got me,” he said.  After typing in a search engine for his state DMV, he ended up on a website that appeared to be legitimate.   He then followed the site’s prompts, thinking he was renewing his driver’s license.  Instead, he ended up spending $22.00 for a a driver’s license guide.  It was then that he realized that he had been misled.

The only internet site that is authorized to do MVD transactions is ADOT’s  For your online safety, avoid all other websites claiming to do motor vehicle services.

Currently, a person cannot obtain a driver license online. To do so a customer must visit a local MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

Use an Authorized Third Party MVD

In addition to being able to do more transactions, many people find it easier to use an Authorized Third Party MVD than trying to do vehicle paperwork online.  When there are titles, IDs and other documents as well as forms to complete, it’s nice to have someone handle the vehicle paperwork for you.

An authorized Third Party Office (ATP) is a private company, under contract to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, which can provide “an alternative means of receiving services that are transacted in MVD field offices.”

An ATP can handle title and registration services including license plates, registrations, tabs, titles and various permits. In addition, some ATPs can process applications for driver’s licenses, administer road and written tests and take digital photos.

These offices are licensed and authorized to do in person MVD transactions, and are comfortable, efficient and staffed by trained and knowledgeable personnel.  You can obtain a new or replacement driver’s license, renew your registration, transfer ownership of a vehicle or purchase a specialty license plate. The Third Party provider is a great timesaving, hassle-free choice.

Northern Arizona’s First Authorized MVD Third Party Provider

Since 1998, FooteWork has provided full service motor vehicle registration, title, and driver license services with offices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Williams and Cottonwood. As your licensed and bonded one stop motor vehicle registration and driver license office, FooteWork provides faster, friendlier services with shorter wait times!




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