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MVD Service Provider using facial recognition technology to deter identity theft

Motor Vehicle Service providers like FooteWork Auto License and Title Service of Prescott, Arizona and ADOT are taking active roles in fighting fraud and identity theft by incorporating facial recognition technology in the application process for state-issued credentials like new or duplicate driver licenses and state IDs.

When applying for state credentials at FooteWork, the applicant will have their photo taken at the beginning of the process. Facial recognition during the “Photo First” review process occurs seamlessly and without delay as the customer continues through the application process.

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“Facial recognition technology supports the commitment by ADOT to protect the privacy of its customers, and to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the credential issuance process,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “This technology enables us to fight against fraud and identity theft.”

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The technology provides an effective screening method to identify errors in customer records in the state driver license database and to prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain an Arizona driver license or identification card. It also allows ADOT to develop the new federally compliant Voluntary Travel ID according to the requirements outlined in the federal REAL ID Act of 2005.

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FooteWork’s “Mirror-Mirror” Technology always produces a great pic for your new Driver License or state ID.

When a credential application record generates an alert resulting from the facial recognition technology, the system will automatically perform an additional review of the record to identify and correct any possible file errors. If the system verifies it is not a file error, the record will then undergo a comprehensive review by personnel in the ADOT Office of the Inspector General.

“We are excited to work with ADOT on implementing this technology. It is just another example of how ADOT is doing it right and we are proud to be a part of the ADOT solution. Moreover, we are complementing the Photo First process by ADOT with our own “Mirror-Mirror” technology developed at FooteWork, allowing the applicant to see themselves while taking their photo for their new or duplicate drivers license or state ID. You’ll never take a bad photo at FooteWork,” said Ken Foote, Owner, FooteWork Auto License And Title Service.

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