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Real Time Updated Traffic Alerts for Arizona’s Roads and Highways

The official app of the Arizona Department of Transportation, ‘ADOT Alerts’ is a free, must-have app for those who travel on Arizona’s highways. ADOT Alerts provides real-time information to travelers about unplanned, major events that are impacting traffic so informed decisions can be made to avoid lengthy delays or potentially dangerous situations.

The app can be downloaded free of charge in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Search for “ADOT Alerts” in the respective app store.

What ‘ADOT Alerts’ does:

  • You’ll receive alerts when major, unplanned events occur that impact traffic. This app isn’t geared toward daily commuting or travel times – ADOT already posts travel times on overhead signs in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.
  • Here’s an example: If a crash closes southbound I-17 near Cordes Junction, we’ll send an alert to mobile devices in the I-17 corridor from the closure location all the way north to Flagstaff. Motorists can then make a decision to re-route or delay their travel plans, avoiding a lengthy delay.
  • By enabling Location Services in the app, you won’t be spammed with irrelevant alerts. We use geofencing to send alerts only to mobile devices with our app in the targeted area. Remember to allow the app to send push notifications, too.
  • After downloading the app, no sign up, registration or log-in is required. You remain 100% anonymous.

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